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Does gender diversity in the workplace help mitigate climate change?
As different jurisdictions continue to press ahead with an array of legislative measures to accelerate the green transition, it is clear that for change to happen, business has to respond. Improved reporting on environmental and social issues is increasingly seen as central to efforts to encourage shift towards more sustainable and resilient economies and societies. This is understanding has led to a growing array of ESG metrics to assess companies’ performance, with significant focus on climate activities, including net zero commitments. Concurrently, companies remain under the diversity spotlight, with moves to enhance gender reporting and to address the persistent gender gap in company leadership roles. Is there a link between the two: does greater gender diversity in the workplace help companies’ climate reduction efforts?

A recent academic paper, published by the European Central Bank, suggests so. Join us for an online conversation with two of the authors of the ECB Working paper, “Does gender diversity in the workplace mitigate climate change?”, to hear a fresh look at listed company disclosures helps provide statistical insights into how empowering more women managers can support companies’ actions to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Join Alessio Reghezza (ECB Consultant & Lecturer in Banking, Bangor University), Giulio Velliscig (PhD Candidate, Università degli Studi di Udine), Margaret Ochieng (Director, The Inclusive Village & Lead Psychologist and Solutions Catalyst) and Richard Spencer (ICAEW Director, Sustainability) to find out more!

The event is organised by the Women in EU Finance Network, an ICAEW initiative bringing together professionals interested in advancing gender equality in the EU financial services arena, and the ICAEW Sustainability and Climate Change Community, providing inspiration, insights and drives collective ambition for 3,000 finance professionals to deliver on sustainability and act on climate change.

Jul 4, 2022 11:30 AM in Brussels

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