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The future of energy and electricity supply in Europe as a result of the war in Ukraine
We are delighted to welcome back Professor Teddy Püttgen, world-renowned expert on the Energy Transition. Alongside Mark Kissack, Teddy will present a follow up to his 2021 webinar 'Energy Mutation – Let’s Get Going!' in his familiar, easy to understand style.

On this webinar, Teddy and Mark will discuss:

- Recent IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports confirm the predominant impact of human activities on climate change and global warming.
- The overarching necessity thus remains, more than ever, to rapidly and profoundly decarbonize not only energy consumption but also its production.
- This requires that electricity play an increasingly important role in future energy mixes, which, in turn, requires that the production of electricity be low- and eventually zero-carbon, i.e., renewable while keeping in mind that nuclear energy is zero-carbon in operation.
- It is this context that Europe’s energy and electricity supply challenges should be considered, focusing on fossil fuel sources and particularly on natural gas.
- Using the energy consumptions and electricity productions in a few countries to illustrate the variety of situations to be faced, the difficulties to resize and realign Europe’s natural gas supplies after the Ukraine war can be presented, including the likely geopolitical shifts as well as the consequences of nuclear energy exit decisions being implemented in several countries. The rise in LNG (liquid natural gas) supply routes and the growing coordination role of the European Union are additional dimensions of a post Ukraine war energy configuration.

There will be time to ask questions and discuss these ideas during the second part of the webinar.


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