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Auditors and professional negligence
The last few years has seen a number of high-profile business failures, which in several cases occurred following a clean audit report. Several accounting firms have been put under the spotlight when businesses that they audited suffered from financial collapse.

This has inevitably placed the role of auditor under increased scrutiny and raised the question – ‘Were these auditors negligent?’

In order to assess professional negligence, audit and accounting experts are often instructed to review the audit process undertaken and determine whether this complied with the relevant auditing standards. Additionally, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has left many companies uncertain about the immediate outlook of their business which will unavoidably have consequences for those looking to report results, as well as for their auditors, particularly when assessing the going concern status of the business in question.

Join us for this webinar, where our speakers will draw on their experience of audit negligence investigations, litigation, and the impact on the wider accounting industry as well as the impact of COVID-19.


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