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Power Query - the Excel TARDIS (Totally Avoid Running out of Dimensions In Spreadsheets)
One of the most common problems in Excel is running out of dimensions.

You want to collect information from your sales representatives on their forecasts of product sales for the coming year, by customer, by month. You end up with a workbook for each salesperson, each one containing a sheet for each product showing details of customer sales by month. Your task is to consolidate all that information in order to produce a forecast of total sales for the year.

We will use this example as a general introduction to the ways in which Power Query can be used to solve a wide range of Excel problems. The introduction will cover a guide to using the Power Query editor and a range of key techniques and features, all of which can be used to solve practical problems and automate time-consuming processes. We will also see how Power BI can work with Power Query to create powerful visualisations of the data strewn throughout Excel workbooks.


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